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Related article: Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 14:58:39 -0800 From: Bob Hook Subject: After School MovieThis is a true story, recalled, and retold as best memory serves, these many years later. It involves sexual activity between an adult male, and a 12 year old boy. If you find this subject offensive, stop reading now. In any case, if you are under 16 years of age, it's probably not for you, either!For a period of about 3 weeks, the year I turned 12, I was directed by my mother to go straight to a nearby movie theater after I finished my school day, and to wait there for her to pick me up, whenever she finished her days work. She was involved in s serious project at work, and her quitting time varied, depending upon when the project team reached a logical stopping point for the day. She didn't want me home alone, and felt I was safer at the movie house, plus I would be entertained better than at our meager apartment, where our TV was in disrepair, and there was not any money for having it repaired. The 50ish man who lived in the apartment below us was the usher at the theater, and he had agreed to let me in for free, and to keep somewhat of eye on me, as a favor to my Mother.Mr. Carl, as I called him, was a nice enough man, and was always very pleasant toward me, and seemed to enjoy my company, so I was pretty OK with the arrangement. The first couple of days I just sat alone, and watched the movies, waiting for my mom to arrive. One day, as I settled in to watch, Mr. Carl came over, and sat down next to me, offering me a large cup of icy cola, which I gladly accepted. As we sat there, I balanced my soda on the chair arm, and Mr. Carl bumped it, causing the sticky mess to land squarely in my lap, making a serious mess of my pants, and underwear!"Oh, damn, Robby!!" He said, "I'm so sorry, Buddy!!" And he quickly dropped his hand onto my soaked lap, attempting to wipe away some of the mess, and brushing my soft cock in the process, causing my ever rampant 12 year old dick to instantly swell, and harden, despite the slushy mess in my lap! Mr. Carl's hand rested on my stiff cock a second, or two, then I felt his grasp the shaft, and squeeze gently, muttering, "Hmmm...sweet!" Or something close to that.He stood, and took Lolita Cum my hand, pulling me to my feet. "Come on Robby, We'll go and clean you up some!" and he led me down a hall way to the managers office. We went inside, and Mr. Carl closed, and locked the door, leading me into the attached bathroom. He sat on the closed john lid, and Lolita Cum promptly undid my belt, and my soaked jeans, sliding them down my thin, hairless legs, and off of my feet. He sat back up, and came to pretty much eye level to my seriously tented out white briefs, as my hard cock stuck straight out, pressing against the thin material. I was blushing furiously, my cheeks red, and hot. As I tried in vain to will my erection away! The damn thing had been doing that a lot, lately, just going rock hard, seemingly by itself, often to remain that way until I could manage to slip away, and rub it to satisfaction, discharging my small load, and calming the waters, allowing my dick to return to its normal soft sate! However, even working math problems in my head wasn't working today, and I glowed with embarrassment, to be standing here all boned up, my briefs covered dick wagging in Mr. Carl's face!!Undaunted, Mr. Carl quickly hooked his fingers in the elastic of my briefs, and followed the wet jeans down my legs, and off, leaving my naked, throbbing, 4 inch cut cock on full view!! Mr. Carl smiled at me, and picked up a towel, dabbing at my crotch, and holding my rock hard cock in his fingers, as he toweled under it, wiping at my small, hairless, ball sack, and fondling my balls in the process, making my young dick grow harder still! Mr. Carl dropped the towel, and used one hand to grip, and stroke my cock, the other hand gently cupping, and rolling, my tender little balls! I groaned, the feeling was so intense, and reflexively flexed my hips, pumping my aching cock into his hand! He smiled again, and said something about what a sweet package I had, and continued to manipulate my boy parts a bit, then leaned in, and slid my cock inside his warm, wet mouth!! I almost passed out, it sent such intense feeling through my virgin body, as Mr. Carl began moving his head up and down, wetly sucking my boy cock, still doing wonderful feeling things to my small balls!My hands gripped the top of his head, and my small hips humped into his sucking mouth, and I felt the tingle clear to the soles of my feet, as my balls jumped, and my rock hard prick swelled even harder, and with a loud series of grunts, I erupted, spewing several strong jets of my boy cumm into Mr. Carl's slobbering mouth, depositing my full load there, and watching in disbelief as he swallowed several times, happily drinking down my slick offering!! As I finished shooting, my knees went weak, and I almost fell, saved by Mr. Carl's strong arms encircling my thin waist, his big hands firmly cupping my tight butt cheeks, and squeezing them!He stayed that way a few minutes, kneading my ass globes, and pressing into my warm crack with a finger, or two, then, sat back, releasing my butt, and bent down, planting a tender kiss on the still oozing head of my shrinking cock! He looked up at me then, and smiled broadly, tweaking my cock, and balls again, and saying, "Tomorrow, Robby, we won't need all of the messy cola!" And he winked, licking his cumm stained lips!I washed up. And got back into my still wet and sticky pants, and undies, went back to my seat, watching the movie, and waiting for my Mother, as I contemplated tomorrow, and what new wonders Mr. Carl had in store for my horny, young body!!(To Be Continued)
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